Theory courses are taught by home computer over the internet by the candidate with licensed time, which is offered with a student tracking system by the Driving School that monitors progress, and if the candidate ultimately the theory is powerful is no cost exam cd lent.
Follow lessons with Driving Gembira means you learn driving. In a relaxed and easy way We ensure that the lessons are challenging and full of variety. If you learn to drive a car with a gearbox switch you can drive with both a switching car a car with an automatic gearbox.
More and more cars have automatic transmission. This means that you do not need to link and switching. Very comfortable. However, when you quenches and exam in a vending machine that does mean that you only machine can drive. If you were planning to buy anyway a vending machine, that is no problem.

If you are interested in our lessons, you can contact us. You can do this by means of call, send an email or via the contact page.

Phone: +316 22 87 90 86

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